Samuel Sturauch on Biscayne Point Real Estate in Miami Beach

One of the hottest deals in real estate right now can be found in the Biscayne Point neighborhood of Miami Beach, Florida, according to realtor Samuel Strauch. This neighborhood is located just west of the main city on three small islands. Three bridges make it easy to get to the main city while enjoying the quieter atmosphere of this North Shore community. According to Samuel Strauch, the median home in Biscayne Point sells for $1,297,250 because of all the amazing attractions located nearby.

Prices have continued to climb in this neighborhood since 2013, so those looking for an investment home will definitely want to consider this neighborhood. The median price per square foot is $576 which is slightly higher than in some Miami Beach neighborhoods.

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Those concerned about safety for their families need to consider Biscayne Point, according to Samuel Strauch. Not only are the homes built on three separate islands, so thieves have to leave the main city, but each area is gated. Almost every property offers waterfront access. Some are located on the canal while others are located along Biscayne Bay. This 70 year old neighborhood offers some of the best access to water sports in all of Miami Beach. Many lots are very ample in size making them a great place to host a party. Mature trees shade the quiet streets allowing residents a break from the summer heat.

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Sanuel Strauch points out that even though the neighborhood is located very close to all that Miami Beach has to offer, many residents do not even know that it exists. Throughout the neighborhood celebrities live quietly next to ordinary people.

If you are looking to buy or sell a property in Miami Beach, then make sure to contact Samuel Strauch at Metrik Real Estate. For over 15 years, he has been the professional that residents of Biscayne Point trust with their real estate needs.



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