Securus Technologies on Crime Prevention

Securus Technologies is a facility that provides criminal and civil justice technologies for investigation, public safety, and corrections. It uses technology to prevent and solve crimes such as inmate-on-inmate crimes. For over ten years now, this correctional facility has found technology solutions provided by Securus very useful. They have relied upon these solutions to monitor inmate conversations and other conversations in our facility. I must admit that I am happy with the quality of technology services offered by Securus. This is because it is dedicated to helping our correctional facilities and progressively revolutionize the incarceration environment for improved public safety.

I like the fact that the investigative tools provided by Securus allow its staff to conduct investigations related to potential security threats and harassment complaints. This helps keep the facility secure. Its various investigative tools work perfectly with their aggressive and investigative mindset.

I must commend the LBS software provided by Securus. Thanks to the LBS software together with other resources for law enforcement, the sheriff’s department has been able to recover millions of cash, drugs, and illegal assets. Without any reasonable doubt, this software has been very beneficial to us. Recovering most of these items would have been much more difficult or even impossible if it weren’t for the LBS software.

I love the jail phone provider because it can monitor calls containing information about inmate alcohol use, threats, drugs in the facility and drug selling, suspicious conversations, possible access to cellular devices, and past incidences involving shootings. The covert alert feature has been helpful to the company. For instance, some time back the feature helped the facility take a suspect into custody. The LBS services together with the Investigator Pro make Securus the best jail phone provider. For this reason, I will continue using services provided by Securus for many years to come.



David Giertz the Wallstreet Boss

David Giertz is well known for his efforts and commitment to his work as a financial advisor. He has served various national wide firms as the president, director, and the vice president. In the year 2013, Mr David was the senior vice chairperson of the Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales at the national life Insurance company.

As a financial advisor, he acquired a job with National wide Investment Service Corporation in Dublin. David Giertz is equipped with abundant skills, has a long time experience, which exceeds thirty years in his career, and he performed well academically. All these qualifications enabled David Giertz to be registered as a Broker by the FINRA where he exercised his ability as a salesperson and even worked for larger brokerage firms. Brokers mainly deal with the buying and selling things such as the bonds, stocks, mutual funds, and many other products that are related to investments on These other firms get registered with FINRA so that they can be involved in the security transaction and serve clients on behalf of the mother company.

Mr. David Giertz is a Certified Financial Advisor as he has sat for many different exams and passed. Some of the fields that he was examined between the year 1986 and the year 1994 include; the Municipal Securities Principal, General Securities Principal Examination, General Securities Representative Examination, Uniform Securities Agent State Law Examination among many others. The education documents on have made a right path of progress along his career and livelihood. The national wide investment services corporation is a firm that deals with brokerage deals and activities engaging the sales and purchase of securities. The firm has employed David as the financial advisor due to his skills, competence and experience in the security field. Mr. David has become a guru in the field, and many individuals seek him for financial decisions consultancy at