Avaaz Activists

Avaaz was launched in 2007. Its name means “voice” in several languages. Avaaz was established with the goal to help people achieve the world they want, not the one they have. It is a United States based civic organization. Avaaz promotes global activism in regards to climate change, corruption, poverty, conflict, animal and human rights. Service Employees International Union is a founding partner with Avaaz; it is also co-founded with Res-Publica. Res-Publica is a group of public sector individuals who are promoting good governance. Prior to 2009 many companies and corporations founded the start up of Avaaz but since its start up it has relied soley on donations from their individual members and have raised over 12 million. Ricken Patel is the president and executive director of Avaaz. Ricken studied politics, philosophy and economics at Balliol College, Oxford University. He also has his masters from Harvard University in Public Policy. After working for the International Crisis Group he returned to the United States and learned how to promote activism with online tools while he volunteered at Moveon.org. The Avaaz community is currently on six continents and campaigns in fifteen languages. Avaaz is comprised of thousands of volunteers. Avaaz generates online petitions, emails, direct calling to government agencies, funding media campaigns and promoting offline activism. Avaaz staff listen to their members and offer advice on how to better promote change. They feel it takes vision and leadership to promote a better world. Avaaz supports progressive causes such as climate change and building greater support for refugees across the globe.

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