Oncotarget Posts Findings on E-cigarettes Harm

E-cigarettes were confirmed to be harmful according to findings of research done by one professor Irfan Rahman, PhD. in the University of Rochester Medical Centre. The professor is in charge of environmental medicine in the school of medicine and dentistry. In fact, he is the first person to investigate potential detrimental effects of e-cigarettes on both molecular and cellular levels when oral health is taken into account.

Usually, e-cigs are considered less harmful because the perception among the young people is that these are less harmful due to the lack of smoke that is found in conventional cigarettes. Previous studies on cigarettes revealed the concern that scientist made the assumption that oral health deteriorated due to the smoke found in the cigarettes but these assumptions continue to be challenged with continued research, the e-cig one being one of them. According to Oncotarget, there is scientific data to back up this evidence. Learn more about Oncotarget at researchgate.net

Professor Irfan Rahman conducted the study with the assistance of a student from East man Institute of Oral Health, Fawad Javed. Rahman explained how in a previous year study, a revelation on how e-cigarettes being burnt causes stress to the cells thus causing them to release inflammatory proteins that in turn lead to different oral diseases. The vapors and flavorings used in e-cigs are also known to cause lung problems according to the effects of the pollution. However, the effect and extent of the damage will be determined by how long and how and how much one uses the electronic cigarettes.

It was also revealed that some of the flavorings caused more harm than others. The cells were damaged worse than others in certain cases than in others. The study involved a 3-D human being who had no problem with smoking issues. On exposure to vapors and flavors of e-cigs, the person became infected. This proved that chemicals from these electronic cigarettes have harmful substances that damage the gums and trigger oral diseases. The nicotine devices also contain batteries, which are heated, and these chemicals are absorbed as the nicotine is absorbed. The nicotine just like in conventional cigarettes is responsible for causing gum diseases. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

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