Alejandro Betancourt, the Founder of Auro Travels

Alejandro Betancourt was born on 1980 February 22. He studied business administration and economic studies at the University of Massachusetts Suffolk. After his studies, he served at different companies, including the commodities trader Guruceaga Group as their manager. Alejandro also served at the BGB Energy Company as the company’s director. He was also the commercial company director for ICC-OEOC. ICC-OEOC is a company that offers technological solutions to offshore oil companies.

Years after serving in the energy field, Alejandro Betancourt joined other industries in the market to explore other skills. Among the companies that he worked at was the O’Hara Administration. O’Hara is an international organization that deals in managing companies assets and offers other range of investment vehicles services. He is still the shareholder and the director of companies and other companies, including Production Corporation, Hawkers, and Pacific Exploration. In 2015, he became the co-founder and director of Pacific Exploration and Production Company located in Canada.

When Alejandro Betancourt was working at Hawkers his primary responsibility was to help stabilize the company’s financial status and create strategic plans that would help in the business growth and increase the business value. The company’s expenses were consistently higher than the profit. Therefore, much work had to be done to improve its financial status; otherwise, it would have led to a company shut down. In 2015, the company’s financial status was improving; however, there were more expenses than profit.

Later, Alejandro Betancourt joined hands with other business associates and formed the Saldum Ventures group. The group contributed about fifty-six million dollars to Hawkers Company which helped stabilize the financial status. He is now the largest shareholder and the chief executive officer of Hawkers. Alejandro Betancourt is the founder and owner of Auro Travels. He is also an investor in the fields of energy and EPC.

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