Brandon Taubman Invests In Data Analytics

Brandon Taubman is famous for applying advanced technology, data science, and analytics to make decisions that impact our businesses and daily growth. He established Stablewood Properties, a commercial real estate company that combines technology and investment to make decisions regarding investments. Brandon has been dealing with data science and analytics for over 15 years. It is this experience that has enabled him to do exemplary things. Also, he explains that patience, focus, determination, and resilience are other factors that have spearheaded his tremendous growth. He has been in charge of overseeing the baseball diamond and Wall Street operations before venturing into entrepreneurship.

Brandon Taubman enrolled on campus to pursue Applied Economics Management. His love for using numbers to develop informed decisions regarding business and its success. He began focusing on this area when still working for Ernst & Young and Barclays Investment Banks. The determination and hard work Brandon Taubman showed while working at Barclays made him get promoted to the position of vice president.

He came up with data analytics-driven modeling to make baseball fantasy more enjoyable. Major League Baseball was the first to find this platform worth investing in. The platform made making decisions easier, hence doing away with the traditional way of making decisions. By joining Houston Astros, Brandon managed to streamline the firm’s operations and ensure everything is moving on the right track.

The real estate sector is another area that is experiencing many challenges, but with data analytics, most of these challenges have been brought to a standstill. After acquiring skills in data analytics, Brandon developed an interest in becoming an investor. He explains that it took him more than 15 years to acquire the skills and funds needed to come up with his ideas. He says that data has been integral in making real estate or sports sector decisions.