Alexandre Gama is Guiding the Advertising & Communications Industry to the Next Level

From the very beginning of his career, Alexandre Gama took his role in the advertising and communications industry seriously. His creative copywriting and clever advertising campaigns for Ogilvy & Mather, his first job in advertising, only opened the door to even more opportunities for success.

As a creative director and copywriter for the agency DM9, Gama became Brazil’s copywriter with the most awards among any other copywriter of his generation. It came as no surprise that Alexandre Gama’s passion for advertising and communications would lead him to open his own advertising agency. In 1999, he did just that, and opened his business up to a well-spring of success in his first year of business that continued to flow throughout subsequent years. Alexandre Gama is now a leader in the advertising and communications industry, and he makes important decisions that affects the current state and future of advertising for other agencies and creative businesses on a global scale.