Norman Pattiz Helps The Radio Industry With His New Study

Norman Pattiz has released information from a new case study on radio advertising, and this article explains why Norman has taken an interest in the specifics of radio marketing. He is the CEO of Westwood One where he has built a massive radio empire.

He takes his role seriously with the company because he knows that many people look up to him, and there are quite a few instances in which his brand is making the radio world better.

#1: What Is The Study About?

The study that Norman Pattiz requested takes a look at all the different ways that advertising is done in the radio industry. Advertising money pays for much of everything that people hear, and they must have hear ads that are profitable for everyone. There are quite a few people who wish to advertise better, and they may check their techniques against this study.

#2: The Commercials Benefit Certain Companies

Grocery stores have done quite well in radio advertising, and there are many people who will find that they may run their commercials many times a day to reach customers. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

People get in the car, and they listen tot he radio without thinking about it. This is something that the industry must remember because they simply will find it much easier to advertise to a public that is listening passively.

#3: Brands Are Recognized

The brands that are advertised on the radio are often remembered simply because they were heard so many times. Someone who wishes to make a purchase will think back to what they have heard on the radio, and they will avoid the problems that have occurred in the past because they will know a company to turn to. Brands are recognized more often than not because radio ads are far more effective than many may think.

#4: Improving Advertising

Norman hopes that everyone who reads this study takes a look at how they advertise. They will learn things about their businesses that will help them make more money, and they will choose advertisers who will receive the out benefits from their ads. Ads that are effective will pay off when rates rise, and the station will be in control of a large advertising budget.

Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is many things. Above all an entrepreneur. However, perhaps a role model as well, for all, but especially for young women.

Tinder now is becoming more of a household name, like Uber or AirBnb. Whitney Wolfe is a co-founder of Tinder, and CEO of Bumble. Both are dating apps that allow people to swipe a potential mate as a yeah or neah. However, Bumble adds the feature that the woman has to make the first move.

Born in the relatively conservative base of Salt Lake City, Utah, Wolfe attended Southern Methodist University where she Majored in International Studies. She then went on to pursue several business and philanthropic projects, including selling Bamboo Tote Bags to benefit areas affected by the BP Oil Spill and working with orphanages in South East Asia.

Whitney Wolfe worked on a few apps; her first big break was with Tinder, the number one dating app she helped co-found. Due to differences with the Staff at Tinder, which resulted in her settling a sexual harassment lawsuit for over $1 million, she left Tinder and helped start Bumble.

Wolfe considers Bumble a “feminist” app. She told Vanity Fair that it began somewhat by chance, as she was focusing on an app to help the self-esteem and combat online bullying among young girls. It then blossomed into something different, a dating app geared towards women.

Wolfe stated to Times Magazine that she was always comfortable making the first move with guys, even though she acknowledges there is a stigma to that for some, and some even saw women who were too forward as “desperate.”

It’s not surprising to hear that Whitney would be forward in both her business and personal life. Undoubtedly, it will continue to be a key to her future success.

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