Arthur Becker’s Expertise In Real Estate

According to The Real Deal, Arthur Becker is a great name in the world of real estate with his fame spreading to the whole world. He is currently the proud owner of three houses adjacent to each other in the street of Sullivan. The ownership of the houses came after massive investment in his real estate business. The actual value of this investment is not a known story since he declined to disclose the information. Even though this is the case, Real Capital Analytics (RCA) has details that he provided 15 million dollars in ideal parity and an addition of 5 million dollars mortgage for the project. With at least five hundred million dollars of investment into New York real estate, Becker acquired his wealth in the tech industry. With vast experience and successful transition, Becker holds a managerial position in the Madison Partners, LLC Company. This is a company that is conscious in matters related to real estate and other related investments. You can visit Perez Hilton for more info.

Arthur Becker is a former chairman and CEO of the NaviSite company. This is a Tech company that provided Internet technology services.The company began its operation in the year 2002.With its offices based in the US, UK, as well as India, the company played a significant role in providing network services.The company did not go beyond the year 2011 since it was sold to Time Warner. After serving Navisite for around eight years, Becker later joined Zinio Company and acted as the chairman as well as the CEO. During this time, Zinio was the largest digital newsstand in the whole world. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

Navisite and Zinio companies gave Arthur Becker a vast experience in both technology and real estate dealings. This is because he was engaged in the two fields all through the period. The idea of developing houses grew in Becker’s mind and became one of his primary interests. This came after the Navisite Company was sold in the year 2011. To top up his success story, Becker is counting days before completing a series of his houses based in the city. When this is done, he has plans of building an extravagance house in New York.

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