The Mission of Wild Ark is to Protect, Preserve and Learn from Wilderness Environments

While the advances of the modern world make life for most people more convenient, they often infringe on the natural biological structures in place on the planet. When the natural resources on the planet become depleted, the flora and fauna will suffer significantly. In order to prevent this from happening more people are choosing to take a stand to help protect the planet’s ecosystems. Not only will the preservation of these lands help protect the plants and animals who live within them, it will also allow researchers to study and learn important information about the structure and evolution of life within each habitat.Learn more :


Joining Together


A group of conservationists decided to combine their efforts in helping to preserve the environment by creating an organization called Wild Ark. Founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, Wild Ark aims to work toward making a difference in the way wild areas are protected to help ensure their ecosystems remain intact. In an effort to protect the planet’s flora and fauna in wild regions this organization focuses on identifying green belts or wild habitats all over the world. This allows them to take the necessary steps toward conserving these regions for future study. As protected regions these areas also allow people to reconnect with the planet’s natural environments. The team at Wild Ark have traveled to many areas around the world in need of preservation.


The wilderness expeditions made by the scientists and researchers at Wild Ark are also used as a medium for education. The organization’s wildlife studies are designed to immerse students into life in the wild where they can get an up-close look at how different species interact with their native habitats. Birdwatchers could expand their knowledge by enrolling in the organization’s Birding in the Bush course, which takes place in South Africa. Wild Ark also offers EcoTracker courses designed to provide students with first hand experience on tracking animals in the wild. In addition to learning how to track animals while on foot, students also receive training in sign identification and wilderness survival. Other wilderness courses include guide courses for fields and trails as well as courses in wilderness photography.Learn more :