U.S. Money Reserve Announces New Website

U.S. Money Reserve has announced the launch of its new website and e-commerce store, USMoneyReserve.com. The site has been designed to better convey the organization’s dedication to integrity and its commitment to serving the customer. In addition, USMoneyReserve.com includes information about and provided by U.S. Money Reserve’s president, Philip N. Diehl, former director of the Mint. It is hoped that the new resource will empower potential customers to consider the strength of GI bullion as an investment and make it easy for newcomers to diversify their portfolios through acquiring gold coins.


USMoneyReserve.com’s e-commerce store provides real-time prices for gold and silver bullion and bars as well as PCGS-certified coins. In addition, members of the public can register for a free kit that outlines the benefits of investing in gold, and the site’s Knowledge Center provides the user with a treasure-trove of information on gold coins and precious metals. The site also provides live updates on market conditions. The company knows that it is not enough to just make the product available and understands the importance of client education.


The company was established in 2001, and since then, U.S. Money Reserve has developed into a world leader in domestic and international precious metal coins. With hundreds of thousands of customers throughout the United States, the firm is committed to giving Americans the information they need in order to invest in coins as well as the opportunities to do so. The Austin-based company has a highly-qualified staff of researchers and professionals whose job it is to identify the most promising investments for new coin purchasers.


For U.S. Money Reserve, the most important aspect of doing business is providing the highest standard of customer service. Their goal is not simply to acquire more customers, but to help clients throughout their lives as their investment needs change.