CEO Spotlight: Joseph Ashford Ellis, The Founder of K4 Global

Joseph Ashford Ellis is one of the best marketing experts in Bournemouth. He is a philanthropist and an entrepreneur who lives in London. Joseph is well known as the owner and founder of K4 Global, a comprehensive marketing company. Joseph also owns the Butterfly Foundation, supporting children suffering from epidermolysis bullosa(EB).

Joseph Ashford Ellis lost his parents, brother-in-law, and sister, complicating his childhood. Despite all that, he believes growing up with challenges played a significant role in molding his character and learning how to appreciate even small things in his life.

He gained a lot of knowledge in financial investment strategies during his early career while working with various companies. Ashford is an expert in finding an appropriate solution that can help small companies to grow and develop. He travels worldwide and holds conferences where he talks about marketing.

In January 2014, Joseph Ashford Ellis established K4 global, offering services to various sectors, like technology, media, service, and property in Bournemouth and beyond. Its service portfolio has improved since its inception and cherishes people with passion and dedication.

K4 global inspires and nurtures members to move its vision forward. Ashford always insists that teamwork is the key to earning more profits from any investment. The staff members ensure that they do profound research before beginning a client’s project for maximum satisfaction.

They also collect information while continuing with the project to make changes depending on the conditions in the market variation. They offer a variety of services, which include:

• 4 Star Classics – A separate arm of the firm that majors in the restoration of sports cars manufactured between the 1970s and 1990s
• K4 Media – It provides various services in the music and film sector
• Opulence – It manages their residential and commercial property growth within the United Kingdom

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