Contributions of Alex Pissios to the Growth of Cinespace

Alex Pissios is the founder and president of Cinespace studio. The studio was opened in 2010 and has been among the best movie production companies. The Pissios family started it, and they have been managing it since then until recently when they announced the selling of the company.

It seems like Alex Pissios and the family have future plans for the studio. However, they have not yet decided on when they are selling the company, but the information is there. TPG showed its interest in the Cinespace studio, and they are planning on expanding it around Chicago. Through certain sources, it has been heard that Alex Pissios will still be among the Cinespace team for a year to ensure the submission and welcoming of the next CEO. 

Alex Pissios and the Cinespace film production studio has been among the top-ranging best companies. They are well known for producing shows like Chicago Fire and Chicago med. Through working with other producers like Dick Wolf, the studio has gained fame and recognition. The Cinespace studios are currently operating more than 33 stages in Illinois Chicago. Some of the stages are under development to improve the studio generally. Alex Pissios and the family have been a great deal in developing and upgrading the production industry to meet society’s expectations.