Barry Lall is among the successful entrepreneurs in the business industry, and he is the CEO of Pinnacle Hotels USA. Barry, despite being in the demanding hospitality industry he also has a passion for philanthropic work. He has written an article that concentrates on sharing ideas that involve doing gratitude either at work or when doing personal endeavors to society. Barry and his wife were able to fund education for the disadvantaged students through the Lall Family Endowed Scholarship, which he runs to support the disadvantaged students at the L. Robert Payne School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Barry, with the support of his wife they have helped the underprivileged student with scholarships funding their educations.

Barry spoke about what he considers success since she views success in other ways rather than a business person achieving specific goals. Lall views success as a state of mind tied to gratitude. Since when one is dedicated to their responsibilities and finds happiness while doing them, they should always feel successful. Therefore, Barry measures success by considering how happy those he associates with are like his family, employees, and customers. Since business partners and associates are pleased to work with a company that considers their happiness, developing good relationship accomplishments makes an entrepreneur feel grateful.

Since rather than an entrepreneur considering assets as an accomplishment of success, he should always consider happiness as a requirement in businesses. It is healthy to work in an environment surrounded by happy people for more achievements and growth. One of the reasons most entrepreneurs feel unhappy is that they don’t appreciate the little they get from their businesses. Hence, when one values their little accomplishment in business and celebrates their little wins, it greatly benefits the company and those around the entrepreneurs.

Barry sharing the reason behind his success with other entrepreneurs has benefited a lot of business people. He also shared his success with others through financially supporting organizations like the Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship Trust fund.

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