Edgard Corona: How Smart Fit is Preparing to Welcome Customers Back in its Facilities

After a period of uncertainty, Smart Fit is expected to open its operations in Brazil and other Latin American countries. The company has been closed for almost a year, which means that it has already lost a significant share of expected profits. In fact, there is no expectation that this business will be getting the necessary results that it has been getting during other years when it has been looking for money to support its operations.

Edgard Corona has already introduced some important strategies that will help in ensuring that the facility remains safe even after reopening. The risk groups of people will not be allowed back at the facility. Obviously, this is a move that will raise very many questions from those affected. However, Edgard Corona believes that keeping this group away will help in protecting their health because the pandemic is still prevalent in such countries.

Edgard Corona is also pushing to ensure that temperatures are taken for all the customers visiting the facilities. There is an expectation that people already know that taking temperatures is now a necessary mandate in every other organization. Therefore, the company does not expect to experience any form of resistance because even the clients are highly interested in their own safety. They are also sensitive about their own safety, which means they will comply with the regulations.

Besides the issue of taking temperatures from the clients, Edgard Corona indicates that Smart Fit will also demand mask mandate in its operations. There have been very many questions around the country with regards to mask mandate. Some people believe that masks should not be mandated, while others have been supporting this idea. Smart Fit will continue with its mask mandate because this is the ultimate policy that the government has recommended, and this organization will implement such policies as required. Edgard Corona’s: Facebook Page.