Financial Expert-Gary McGaghey            

2022 is a new beginning for Chief Financial Officers in the world. The experts face numerous challenges, including uncertain tax policy outlook, Covid-19 variant, pricing pressure, and talent shortage. The most complicating matter is the issue of inflation, something that most executives and Chief Financial Officers have not thought about for an extended period.

Among this stormy business setting, the latest PwC survey shows that attracting and retaining talent will be the most vital growth lever for the majority of the Chief Financial Officers in the year ahead. With the external and the internal pressure uniting to influence the bottom line, the Chief Financial Officer is in the limelight. Strategic financial experts have the opportunity to bring into line with tax experts and their peers in other business functions to get potential change in the world as well as the United States.

How Chief Financial Officers in 2022 look like

Taxes, risks, and regulations

Chief Financial Officers face a challenging task when it comes to tax policy, risk, and regulation because it affects the growth and the preparation of business. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the speed at which risks occur and how they influence regulatory change. This means Chief Financial Officers have a task to plan for potential complex scenarios.

Looking Ahead

Effective policy change is one benefit on the horizon. Now, businesses are preparing for this one change, which will be sustainable. Ongoing supply chain issues and inflation may also affect business growth.

Gary McGaghey is a successful and experienced Chief Financial Officer. Ever since he began working as a financial expert, he has served in various organizations holding the position of Chief Financial Officer. Gary McGaghey is currently working for Williams Lea Tag as a Chief Financial Officer. The private equity firms PE Group and Advent International own Williams Lea Tag. Gary McGaghey is has served in other top firms, including Robertson, Nelsons, and Unilever. Get to know with Gary McGaghey: