Georgette Mulheir and the mission of Defend Haiti´s Democracy

Georgette Mulheir is an expert in childcare, especially when it comes to bringing about improvements on the governmental scale. Previously, she has worked as a Global Strategic Advisor when, among other things, she helped to reunite families who were separated at the border between Mexico and the United States. Georgette Mulheir also worked for UNICEF as she established a care system for Sudanese children who were abandoned by their mothers. Today, she is a spokesperson for the organization known as Defend Haiti’s Democracy. 

The purpose of this organization is to fight back against the crime and corruption in the country by raising awareness about the current lack of a democracy. Today, the Republic of Haiti is in the midst of a political, social, and economic crisis. Gang violence and organized crime plagues the country, and the current president — Jovenel Moise — is not helping. During his presidency, Georgette Mulheir has announced, the appointed his political allies to act as parliament members instead of allowing them to be democratically elected. Now he rules as a dictator, working along with the gangs to create alliances that further impoverish the nation. 

But this is only the beginning: National debt and corruption have historically played a role in the problems that the country faces, and such problems only got worse in 2010 when a series of earthquakes violently uprooted the Haitian people’s way of life. The purpose of Defend Haiti´s Democracy is not only to raise awareness about the lack of a proper democracy in Haiti, it is to call out to Haitian politicians to use their power to help bring Haiti back to the democracy it deserves. Furthermore, according to Georgette Mulheir, the DHD organization wants to reach out to the international community in order to garner support for the reestablishment of a true Haitian democracy.