Haroldo Jacobovicz’s Journey to Success after Realizing His Passion for IT

Haroldo Jacobovicz is among the most successful entrepreneurs globally. He is a Brazilian nationalist. Haroldo spent more than ten years in a high-level institution. However, he studied different courses since he took time before he realized his career. First, he studied civil engineering since he admired his engineer parents' lives. Later, he took a course in computer programming after realizing his passion for the course.

Finally, in the early 1980s, he ventured into the information and technology sector. That was effective because currently, he owns several companies in Curitiba and other major towns.Haroldo's passion for succeeding in life motivated him to work hard in school. Since he was a bright student, he performed well in his high school exams and attained the required grade to join the university.

In college, he took a course in engineering, but after graduating, he realized he had a passion for IT. So he decided to study computer technology. However, after taking the course, Haroldo Jacobovicz didn’t have enough information about computer science, so he spent most of his leisure time researching and reading materials that could help him understand more about the course. That’broadened his mind, and by the time he was graduating, he was an expert in IT.

When starting his business, Jacobovicz wanted to help small-scale businesspeople control their resources. However, it didn't succeed because the targeted firms didn't know about the technique, so they didn't embrace it. So, Haroldo started focusing on larger firms. Luckily when his business collapsed, there was a particular oil company looking for an engineer.

Therefore, Haroldo applied for the job, and he got a chance to work for them. There he got several promotions, but he quit after facing numerous challenges and joined a state corporation after some time. While at the organization, he worked as a technical director for four years despite the job being quite challenging.

Then, he quit the job to venture into the business industry. He did not struggle in his new job because he had already acquired a lot of experience. Therefore, Haroldo Jacobovicz founded the Minauro computer rentals and maintenance firm. The firm provides different computer services. After a short time in operation, the firm gained popularity in Curitiba and other towns in the country. Today, Haroldo owns several companies that provide various IT services.