How PosiGen Became America’s Leading Renewable Energy Provider

PosiGen offers low- to moderate-income homeowners the option of a comprehensive solar-plus-energy efficiency makeover, complete with the rapid installation of solar panels. In addition to improving the consumer’s quality of life, the project improves a homeowner’s finances by lowering utility bills while allowing the homeowner to sell electricity from the panels back to the utility at a retail rate that is usually much higher than the utility’s.


Homeowners can sign a 20-year lease with PosiGen, taking advantage of the competitive purchase rates from New York State. And because solar is now relatively affordable, it also serves as an affordable and accessible way for families and businesses to make a clean and ethical change to their energy usage. Up to now, PosiGen solar power company gives priority to customer satisfaction. 


As part of the benefit of the low- to the moderate-income homeowner, PosiGen offers complimentary 5-year service, maintenance, and audit protection packages. PosiGen commits itself to earning customers’ trust by providing fast, secure, and reliable service. Since its inception, the solar power company has been honored for its consistent excellence. PosiGen offers affordable solar energy to families who need it the most. Beyond energy savings, solar panel installations are available to improve air quality by reducing home and neighborhood pollution. 

This, in turn, improves the neighborhood’s health, which is a critical determinant in wealth-building. The benefits of solar PV go far beyond saving energy. PosiGen started as an energy efficiency makeover business. The team realized an opportunity to take a comprehensive approach to provide low-to-moderate income homeowners with the appropriate solar PV system. Through this three-pronged approach, customers are provided with an energy efficiency makeover, rapid solar panel installation, and a discounted long-term lease for solar panels.