Jessica Dean and Her Expertise in Consumer Law


Jessica Dean is a lawyer who began practicing in 2003. Since then, she and her partners have become famous for participating in successful asbestos trials. Many have received millions of dollars in damages for the defendant. One, in particular, went as high as over 31 million. 

This is due to the fact that Jessica Dean and her associates like to focus on cases that have a component of justice. Some corporations and other groups find concerns like profits more important than peoples’ lives. This is exactly why you need a lawyer with the experience and success that Jessica Dean has had. She can help those who have suffered losses of many different kinds due to being exposed to a product that was not safe for human interaction. 

If this applies to you, then you can get a free case consultation from this law office in order to allow Jessica Dean and her associates to evaluate whether they can help you in your particular situation and exactly how they can do so in general. Any major corporation that you are going against is going to have a major team of defense legal experts, so to have any chance of evening the odds and getting compensation for what you’ve lost, you need to have your own team of legal experts on your side to even the playing field. This is where Jessica Dean and others from the DOBS legal firm come in. Their experience of success in consumer law is extensive with many wins.