Meet Vijay Eswaran, a proficient CEO

Vijay Eswaran is a renowned, multitalented CEO with prowess cutting across different fields. Besides being the current executive chairman of the QI group of companies, he doubles down as a speaker, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and more, an author. His remarkable accomplishments also enabled his appointment as the chairman of the University Council of the Quest International University of Malaysia. Born in Penang, Malaysia, he steered his way to the UK for higher learning at the London School of Economics, where he pursued a degree in Socioeconomics. Vijay financed his degree himself by working as a cab driver.

Vijay began the QI group of companies in 1998 and has since steered forward to a point where the conglomerate serves adjacent countries and has subsidiary companies in close to thirty countries. His adherence to sustainable business practices has propelled companies further ahead. Further, Vijay established the RHYTHM foundation. It primarily focuses on pushing the UN agenda on Quality Education, Sustainable Community Development, and Sustainable Development Goals on Gender Equality.

Vijay Eswaran is recognized and duly respected for his philanthropic deeds and has garnered awards. A good example was the recognition he got from the Forbes Asia Annual list of Heroes of Philanthropy which he bagged back in 2011. He was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for Regional Philanthropy for his recognized philanthropic efforts towards the ASEAN fraternity.

Vijay Eswaran is also highly recognized for the ideologies that he openly and readily shares in his pieces of literature. He is an author, writing articles and books that tickle the readers’ minds and open them up to different realizations on life. He has successfully published several bestsellers that touch on leadership and mindfulness. His book ” Spheres Of Silence,” his first bestseller, heavily delves into an ideology that he explains has had a tremendous positive impact on his life and others who have adhered to it.