Michael Capiraso And New York City’s Marathon Growth

Michael Capiraso is known throughout many industries for his expertise in team-building, brand marketing, strategies, and more. The leader has earned a name for himself by helping companies, organizations, and teams attain results-based growth. Some of the bigger projects and organizations Capiraso has worked with includes the National Football League, Cole Haan, Major League Baseball, and Calvin Klein to name a few. His ability to assist an entity with organic growth has propelled the visionary’s career.

New York Road Runners is the company Michael Capiraso leads. As the Chief Executive Officer and President, he helped the marathon organization double their annual revenue. The event’s attendance has also doubled during his time with NYRR. Another success the leader experienced with NYRR was establishing deals with New Balance athletic wear company and and TCS. These partnerships illustrated Michael Capiraso’s vision; while helping push New York Road Runners forward. The NYRR marathon company is now considered the biggest sports organization in the United States. In addition to leading the company, Michael also partakes in the New York City Marathon every year to help raise awareness and funds for American youth.

The average day for the company President starts early with exercise. Doing so helps energize him for the day. After competing his morning run, Michael eats a balanced breakfast then begins his work hours. Starting each day with nutrition and exercise are pillars to a successful day for him. Capiraso expresses the importance of being social in a recent interview. This is how his ideas often come to life. Bouncing ideas off of others has given him some of his best ideas and plans of action. The CEO is also a believer in advanced technology. He states the digital realm is only increasing so being conscious of various technology platforms can help people in all industries succeed.

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