NumbersUSA – Providing Education For Healthy Immigration Legislation

The following is a summary of two articles written on the NumbersUSA organization. The first of these articles being cited is entitled, “NumbersUSA Action”, and is from, and the second is from the entry concerning the organization on This summary describes the form and function of the NumbersUSA Foundation.

The founder of NumbersUSA, Roy Beck, who is also the Executive Director, started the organization as a means to educate both the American public at large and the United States government about the greater underlying impact and effects of irresponsible and unhealthy immigration legislation. Based out of Washington, D.C., and Arlington, Virginia, NumbersUSA has supporters in all 50 states and 435 congressional districts, and boasts over 9 million online advocates. The primary focus of the organization is to sway elected officials to enact immigration reform and legislation that has the best interests of the American people and the United States economy at heart, first and foremost.

NumbersUSA is not an anti-immigration organization, but rather they seek to educate the world at large as to the effects of both legal and illegal immigration population increase in the U.S., and the vast detrimental implications of America being over-occupied by foreign workers. A loss of many potential opportunities and resources for American citizens, and a higher unemployment rate, especially among lower income demographics, are all key issues researched and brought to light by NumbersUSA. NumbersUSA gathers statistics on income inequality, lower wages, competition to get jobs, land loss and a lower quality of life, as well as on the negative impact unchecked immigration policy has on usurping the resources of America’s poorest workers, minorities, and families with children.

Since 2015, NumbersUSA has seen a huge uptick in the number of American citizens getting on board with them, as well as steady increases in the number of meetings held, positive press, and total ads developed to aid in promoting a healthy immigration policy in the Unites States. Since 2015, NumbersUSA has also become the go-to source for relevant information on immigration legislation, as well as on factual statistics regarding the impact that unchecked immigration has on the quality of life in America. Refer to this page on Twitter, for related information.


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