Open Source Technology Uses the Past To Build for Future

The past often provides a path to the future in many industries, including technology. Old programming languages such as Erlang and Visual Basic have provided a base upon which newer languages have been able to be built. Tech entrepreneur Leonid Radvinksy believes these newer languages will write the future.

Leonid Radvinsky


Elixir, which is the programming language Leo Radvinsky uses for his projects, builds upon the strengths of Erlang. Erlang was first developed in 1986 and provided developers with a resilient programming language that supported concurrent processing. According to Radvinsky, the challenge with Erlang, however, was it has a steep learning curve. Its debugging and code maintenance tools also lack the capabilities of modern languages.  Elixir keeps the robustness and ability to support parallel requests while being easier to use. Further, Leo Radvinsky appreciates that the open source language has an active community of users who contribute to growing its features on a daily basis.

The open source language B4X builds upon the strengths of Visual Basic. Like Visual Basic, B4X is easy to use, even for beginners. B4X also is more powerful than Visual Basic, allowing users to utilize the platform to create real-world applications. It also simplifies cross-platform development.

Radvinsky is a longtime supporter of open source technology because it paves the way for a future of innovation and global collaboration. Through the creation of the LR Foundation, Radvinsky funds organizations and projects that are advancing open source technology, B4X and Elixir are two of the projects he funds.

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