Pam Baer’s Presence At SFGHF Leadership Has Revolutionized The Public HealthCare System

The San Francisco community is blessed to have people with altruistic character, Pamela Baer being one of them. Across all corners of SF, Pam Baer name is famous because of her dedication to helping the vulnerable in society.

To Pam, health is the most vital thing to any human being. With this in mind, she made it her duty to support developments and improvements of the public health care system for the sake of the homeless, recent immigrants, poor, society of color, and those without insurance. Pam maintains that health care equity, quality, and access are not only for the rich but also for the minority groups.

Since a mentally and emotionally stable person can do anything, in her philanthropy, Pamela Baer gives more weight to mental and behavioral health. Though she doesn’t have her own hospital, Pam helps the local hospitals in line with her philanthropic mission. Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital has received insurmountable support from Pamela Baer, a lifetime Director at SFGHF.

ZSFG is an essential facility since it is the only one with quality and 24hour psychiatric services. Though the facility was helpful before the covid-19 pandemic, it is busier now due to the pandemic’s adverse socio-economic effects that have left the under deserved mentally unfit.

Pamela Baer’s support at the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation has been felt since 2002 when she joined its board. Whether it’s conducting campaigns, events, or formulating plans to solve problems faced by the hospital, Pam has never been left behind.

The HSFP is one of the projects that have profiled her Philanthropy. The project promotes talents as well as the public health system. It auctions sculptures designed by locals every year to raise valuable funds for SFGH. The funds received by the hospital since this project started exceeds seventeen million dollars. Read this article for related information.


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