Philip Belamant is taking Zilch to greater levels.

Philip Belamant is the Chief Executive Officer at Zilch, a fintech company based in London. Zilch, under his leadership, has managed to get to new levels in terms of growth by enabling the signaling consumers to get to a point described by the CEO as the free credit democratization. In 2021, the Zilch company was the fastest-growing unicorn in Europe. The company’s valuation was estimated to be $2 billion after more than a year of the Series A. Currently, Zilch has broken the fintech record of users after passing the two million users mark, getting much closer to the CEO’s goal of making it the universal payment method in history.

Zilch is compared to other buy now pay later companies, but it always has a unique feature because it offers more than BNPL services. The company has plans that allow clients to make payments in four methods with no APR. The company is more focused on flexibility and commitments enabling it to connect with consumers through its upfront business model that allows consumers to use their MasterCard for Tap and Pay virtual shopping.

Philip Belamant has ensured that it partners with retailers who pay the BNPL every time a client chooses that option. The retailers are the company’s BNPL customers. The company has a direct-to-customers model that allows it to expand in unique ways that differentiate it from other BNPL companies. With great dedication to revolutionizing finance, Zilch is working with regulators operating with customer credit licenses.

As Philip Belamant states, the company is determined to offer clients visibility, financial control, and high value. Zilch’s dedication is to provide consumer-centric products making it the most reviewed and top-rated product in Trustpilot, a customer product review site with over 37 000 reviews. Zilch provides clients with a value flywheel, a strategy that ensures cashback rewards accrue to benefit the client, partner stores, and Zilch.