Ryan Kavanaugh and Triller venture into the NFT Space

While many blockchain and entrepreneurship enthusiasts like using Bitcoins, other digital assets like Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have won many hearts recently. Ryan Kavanaugh is among the investors who believe that NFTs will be the next big deal in the entertainment sector.

Ryan Kavanaugh Co-owns TrillerNet Media Company. After winning support from the Triller Fight Club, it converted to combat sports, boxing for the upcoming generation. It has music and MMA and aims to influence young audiences who didn’t understand old-fashioned boxing.

Triller Fight Club held various exciting events featuring Wiz Khalifa, Justin Bieber, and other legends like Mike Tyson and Victor Belfort. This powerful combination of international figures influenced millions of fans to watch online, earning millions. It also features Rap Battles; for example, the Verzuz Rap Battle involved famous icons like KRS-ONE and Timbaland for Triller promotion.

TrillerNet has been thriving since joining NTF. Its NFTs have images and videos of Triller Fight Club. Some of the stand-alone NFT properties sold had Jake Paul’s of Ben Askren video. NFTs were established a few years ago but became famous in 2021. Twitter owner, Jack Dorsey, sold his primary tweet for 2.5 Million USD in the form of NFT.

Ryan Kavanaugh firmly believes that NFTs are marked by innovation, which marks a great step in the entertainment sector. He pointed out that many players succeeded in boxing mainly because it’s shared live, and the young generation couldn’t know more about it unless put in the video. According to Ryan Kavanaugh, Triller Fight Club has played a great role in the growth and development of the Triller app. A considerable number of audiences watch videos and blissful events using the app.