The Career of Tim Murawski

Tim Murawski has risen through the ranks over the years to become the president & CCO of Augmedics but no one really knows how he did it. This is why he agreed to talk about how he has become such a huge success & where he hopes to go in the future of his career. Tim Murawski was brought up in a small town not too far from Chicago (Bmmagazine). 


Tim Murawski always knew he wanted to go into the field of business when he grew up but was not sure what he was going to do with this type of knowledge. As he finished high school, he tried his best to get into WIU & was able to bring that goal of his to fruition. As Tim Murawski worked his way through college, he knew he wanted to be a business major & made it so. By the time he got to his senior year, he knew it was time to start interviewing for jobs.


So he applied to be a territory sales manager at Baxter & much to his surprise, got an offer from them. Tim Murawski served in the role for close to 4 years & had a good time at the company. But soon it became apparent his calling was higher than this. So he opted to start Augmedics, a business that seeks to help make patient’s lives better through the use of AR. Successful businessman and entrepreneur Tim Murawski has always liked being able to help people & hopes to keep doing so going forward. 

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