The Meteoric Rise of Tim Murawski in the Medical Field

Augmedics’ president, Tim Murawski, is responsible for overseeing the firm’s medical equipment development that uses augmented reality technology in spine surgery. He has been a corporate leader and expert in biotechnology for many years. Before his addition to Augmedics in 2019, Tim Murawski performed in various executive positions at several medical device firms.


Salesman and businessman Tim Murawski was formerly employed at Mazor Robotics for ten years in far more difficult capacities at the Caesarea, Israel, medical equipment firm. He started his career as a major sales executive at Mazor Robotics before moving through the ranks to regional account manager. Finally, Tim Murawski became the V.P (vice president) in charge of all accounts in the United States by January 2016. 


By August the following year, he was already promoted to vice president of the global renaissance business after working in that position for one and a half years. Prior to Medtronic’s $1.6 billion purchase of Mazor in 2018, he played a key role in the Medtronic company’s rapid growth. Tim Murawski majored in operations management and supervision at Western Illinois University, where he graduated. His first job was in the purchasing department of a multinational pharmaceutical company’s R&D center.

Tim Murawski quickly discovered that he preferred a job in sales. His career in medical equipment marketing began as a regional sales director at Baxter International Inc’s IV sales department. He marketed the company’s breakthrough needleless IV devices there. Such items were critical to health care personnel treating people living with HIV/AIDS in the early nineties to minimize unintentional syringe sticks. Tim Murawski saw the enormous potential of selling transformative technology that would improve the safety of health workers. He then moved to join his first startup business, a decision that would set the foundation for a rather successful career.