The New Wave: Jason Hope

Technology has made things much easier these days. Things are changing at a fast pace and the internet and no one knows that better than Jason Hope. He is the founder and creator of The Internet of Things and it has really taken off for him. Now one of the newest trends to come up is called cryptocurrency and he thinks it will become a big thing down the road. 


Even with the setbacks that cryptocurrency has had over the past couple of years, he still thinks it is a good thing to get into. Here is a little more on what he has to say. Jason Hope knows that things go up and down. The drop in the cryptocurrency market is nothing new and he expected that it would eventually fall. 


Jason Hope and SENS Foundation


This is when blockchain technology can really come to the forefront. He says that this kind of technology is evolving right along with the cryptocurrency market and this is the time to jump in and learn about it. One of the things he talks about when it comes to this are fees (Medium). 

Since it is such a small part of the overall market, businesses don’t charge fees at all or charge very little. The average fee is less than one percent. A second point that he brings up is security for transactions. A new system will have to be developed over time in order to make things secure and help consumers feel safe when shopping online. These are just a couple of things that Jason Hope talks about when it comes to cryptocurrency. We as consumers have to wait and be patient with the changing times. The more we can learn about cryptocurrency, the better off consumers will be. That is what Jason Hope is definitely hoping for.