Thomas Neyhart, PosiGen CEO Brings A wealth of Experience to Posigen

PosiGen is a solar and energy efficiency company that seeks to offer its clients solar power at affordable costs. And with the current trend of renewable energy surging worldwide, the company is just on time to change the world. PosiGen also gives its customers, mainly the working class, a chance to lower their energy bills and increase the value of their homes. They also help their clients cut on their maintenance costs and, in the long run, improve the durability of their homes so that they are attractive to future buyers in the future.


PosiGen does all this to achieve its mission of making a difference in communities by ensuring that low-income communities have access to quality solar power. It can achieve all this through the great work of its team. And leading this great team is Thomas Neyhart, who is the CEO of the enterprise. The PosiGen CEO uses his wealth of expertise to keep the company above board and achieve tremendous success (Pitchbook).


Thomas Neyhart has a wealth of experience in management that spans over several years. The PosiGen CEO has been a COO of Utica Rental, a large retail chain enterprise. The PosiGen CEO was also a partner in an executive search firm that specialized in construction staffing. It also had over 2,500 construction personnel all over the United States. The PosiGen CEO was also named among one of the 100 most intriguing entrepreneurs by Goldman Sachs. And to top it all Thomas Neyhart is constantly being sought out to drop some gems on numerous renewable energy and construction business forums. Therefore, Thomas Neyhart will be bringing a wealth of experience to the firm.

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