Kfir is now the head honcho of a big company known as Tieks but it is not clear how he was able to pull this off in the first place. That’s why agreed to a discourse in which he talked about how he became the boss & where he sees himself in the next decade or so.

He was born in the LA area & proved to have a knack for academics ever since he was a kid which is how he made it to the top of his class. He did not know if he would be able to get into his first choice of college but, sure enough, Stanford was quick to admit him as a member of the class of 04. He did well in this role & tried to impress all of the new professors he had which is how his GPA was a solid 3.9. As his college career came to a close, he knew it was time to start thinking about his future.

This is why he applied to business school & was accepted. After he started, he resolved to have his MBA in the next 2 years & was able to accomplish this goal. It took a lot of hard work on his part but he was soon able to graduate with honors in just a few short years. From there, he went on to work for the family business for a while but knew this was not enough to keep him on the path he wanted to be.

So, he opted to open Tieks. Tieks is a business that makes ballet slippers for all those who have a love of dance. He is proud to help all of the ballet enthusiasts out there, & hopes to be able to continue doing this going forward.

They initiated the Operation #SewTogether campaign, which significantly impacted PPE to the healthcare workers and community at large. The campaign utilized social media as a viable tool to encourage its followers and fans to unite with the company’s staff and bring forth a myriad of face masks to vitally important healthcare workers.

Sure, Tieks’ fans and customers played a crucial role in spreading the campaign to see the company achieve its goal of sewing and donating over one million masks across the country.Read this article to learn more.


View their page on https://tieks.com/, for more information.