CEO Jesse Willms

Jesse Willms is one seasoned and committed business expert. He is a renowned entrepreneur and internet marketer. He currently lives in Las Vegas but has built a solid reputation throughout the US and neighboring Canada. James has dedicated more than half his life to developing and inventing new business concepts. He uses the internet to create wealth, and his story is similar to those of great innovators like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

Jesse Willms was raised in Alberta, Canada. An enthusiastic reader, he was interested in business from a young age and got a lot of knowledge from prominent entrepreneurs in history. Even before finishing high school, he was reselling books from the internet, and at 16 years old, he brought the venture to the field of computer software. He later quit school to pursue his dream as an entrepreneur.

His first business was eDirect, an online retailer for software applications and licenses. It was successful and made software sales of more than $40 million. After this, he quietly founded multimillion-dollar companies that sold products like acai berries and teeth whitening products. Jesse Willms set effective strategies for each, making sales of almost half a billion dollars.

One of his most successful brands was the WuYi Tea. It built a solid reputation for selling high-quality tea and made sales of more than $100 million between 2007 and 2009. His other brand, Dazzle White, sold teeth whitening products worth $50 million.

Jesse Willms was also interested in digital marketing. He established Penguin Leads and later Car History Group. The latter was the most successful, with more than 3 million visitors to the site and its affiliates like every month. It has even got the attention of publications like Fox, Digital Trends, and USNews.

Up to date, Jesse Willms is still an entrepreneur and influencer. He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he runs the Car History Group. He supervises content creators and also advises budding internet marketers on running their company.