Why Eric Lefkofsky is Relying on Artificial Intelligence in Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer

Artificial intelligence seems to be a technology that seems to be very far away from incorporation by most of the organizations in the industry today. Most people have only been indicating that such technologies are only being imagined in the world today and will only be very effective in the years to come as there is no infrastructure to support their effectiveness (Brewminate).


However, Eric Lefkofsky seems to be ahead of the curve because he has already managed to bring artificial intelligence into his business operations with the hope of addressing some of the complex issues that have been facing his areas of operations. He currently leads Tempus company. Eric Lefkofsky is among the few investors who believe they can change the entire sector that concerns the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Tempus is an innovative med-tech company that has been introduced in the industry by Eric Lefkofsky. 


As a visionary entrepreneur, Eric hopes to make maximum use of artificial intelligence in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. He is of the view that this technology will go a long way in delivering some of the best results that have been missing in this sector for many years. According to Eric Lefkofsky, having artificial intelligence in this sector will be a welcome bonus that will help in changing how most people have been addressing cancer as a major pandemic in the world. For businessman and investor Eric Lefkofsky, it is worth recording that there have been some major issues that have been very hard to address with regards to this healthcare problem that will be handled using advanced technology.