ZeroAvia Vision For Creating Clean Energy

Global warming has grown considerably over the years. Factors such as the increase of emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere have been impacted greatly by the change of the climate. Pollution from plant industries, mining are some of the common factors that are popularly known for their contribution to global warming. According to ZeroAvia staff members, it should be noted that aviation is a major source of emissions since greenhouse gases are released at high altitudes. This means that it has a higher impact effect than plant greenhouse gases have. It’s estimated to be at 25-50% effect by 2050.


Change to Hydrogen


Currently, aircrafts are powered by carbon fuel cells that emit a lot of harmful gases into the atmosphere. This is why aviation experts have supported the move to use hydrogen-powered aircraft as commercial airbuses for the future. The hydrogen-fuelled aircraft from ZeroAvia release zero carbon dioxide emissions and reduce the emission of nitrogen oxide.


ZeroAvia Aviation Company



ZeroAvia began to fill the niche of providing hydrogen-powered aircraft. It was founded in 2017 by Val Miftakhov, a licensed pilot who had a dream of flying planes. They began the HyFler project whose sole purpose was powering an aircraft with hydrogen instead of batteries. ZeroAvia successfully achieved its first hydrogen fueled flight through a six-seater Piper Malibu aircraft. It was purely fuelled by hydrogen power and batteries were used for takeoff.

The ZeroAvia aviation company gained the interests of many investors including the UK government through its Aerospace Technology Institute. It has a defined goal of reaching its vision of having its first commercial aircraft by 2024 holding 20 seats maximum.ZeroAvia recently acquired two Do-228 aircraft for test flying from Aurigny Air. ZeroAvia is set to mark trends within the aviation industry.