Zilch: Changing the Way We Pay

Zilch is a financial company that puts out a card that functions as a Mastercard, except for one thing. You can use it to pay for things while paying only 25% upfront and then paying the rest of the sum at a later point, usually about 6 weeks. You can just make payments at a regular rate in between, such as weekly.

Zilch is a Fintech startup that is making waves in the financial world. The Ceo is named Phillip Belamant and the chairman is named Serge Belaamant. The founder of Zilch has received awards from his Fintech companies.

This approach for a card is called BNPL, or buy now pay later. Customers with one of these cards can pay at a later date whenever they want within the time limit, and wherever they want from the Internet. It makes it so that you can buy exactly what you want instantly, even if you don’t have the funds or don’t want to use the funds exactly right now. It’s making it so that people have a lot more flexibility with how they make purchases.

The system has extra precautions using AI to calculate how much each customer can afford to pay, and it only allows customers to use funds where it makes sense that the customer could afford it to make sure that over-borrowing is cut down and the risk to everyone involved is substantially lowered. This ensures that companies get paid, that Zilch makes money, and that customers don’t end up in debt.

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