Haroldo Jacobovicz: interested in a new marketing opportunity

The business owner has a lengthy history of involvement in the field. Around ten years ago, he sold Intelig to TIM and made a fortune from the transaction. More recently, he lost the arm struggle against the adoption of the telecompany’s judicial rescue plan and faded away selling his shares there as a stakeholder of Oi via Pharol, which was formerly Portugal Telecom.

Now, Haroldo Jacobovicz is interested in a new marketing opportunity that has come his way. Tanure has made the decision to make significant investments in the provision of connection to agribusiness in light of the impending advent of 5G, which promises to completely transform the performance of economic conglomerates. Despite the fact that it accounts for approximately 30 percent of the country’s wealth, the sector is nevertheless hampered by the lack of internet access in rural areas on Curitiba.

Tanure stated in an exclusive conversation with Broadcast that the company’s goal is to “deliver superior technologies to the agricultural industry.” “Despite the fact that it is a massive market, this sector has a lot of unmet demand. Internet access is lacking on almost two thirds of all farms. Even though the owner of the property has a cell phone, there is no reception in the productive region,” he pointed out.

Keeping this information in mind, Tanure moved the multi-strategy investment vehicle Aquitaine into a series of operator purchases in the state of Paraná, which is known for its robust agricultural industry. The fund was successful in its first attempt when it bid R$130 million at an auction held in August 2020 with the purpose of purchasing Sercomtel. In addition, the fund assumed a debt in the amount of R$600 million. 183 cities are covered by the operator’s voice, data, and broadband services, the majority of which are already connected to Copel Telecom’s networks on Haroldo Jacobovicz. The second opportunity presented itself in the form of Copel Telecom, which was put up for sale in November of 2020. However, the cheque was for a larger amount, R$ 2.4 billion. The company’s optical fiber network spans 40,000 kilometers and provides service to 399 cities in the state of Paraná.

Horizons Telecom is the youngest of the companies in the portfolio. This past year, it was purchased from the Curitiba-based billionaire Haroldo Jacobovicz, who stepped down from his role as CEO but continued to serve on the board of directors. The total sum of the transaction was not made public. The company provides custom-tailored solutions to businesses and the public domain in Greater Curitiba as well as in the cities of Mauá, Osasco, Barueri, and So José dos Campos located in the state of So Paulo. The company has an optical fiber network that is 3,000 kilometers long.