Information about the Founder of the Franci Neely Foundation, Franci Neely

Franci Neely has involved herself with many philanthropists and volunteering agendas. She had an interest in law before embarking on philanthropy.

When she was a lawyer, Franci was an associate at Susman Godfrey, L.L.P.

Her involvement in entrepreneurship and law lasted for about two decades.

Most of her negotiations were successful.

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After her retirement, Franci Neely spends most of her time at not-for-profit organizations.

She is a board member at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts and a Co-principal of this museum’s Art and Film of Islamic Worlds advisory group.

Franci Neely is also a board member at Baker Institute of Public Policy and Moody Center for the Arts.

She pioneered the foundation of the Houston Cinema Arts Society and was a member of the advisory board at The Menil Foundation.

Apart from being part of these institutions, Neely habitually contributes finances to their success.

Franci Neely currently resides in Houston, Texas.

She has visited about 180 countries in the Universe, including Kuwait, Qatar, Cuba, India, and Morocco, among others.

Neely has marked photography as her main co-curricular activity while visiting these counties.

She is a graduate of the University of Texas, where she earned her honors.

Recently, Franci Neely spoke about her life.

She says that she prefers to have coffee in the mornings while thinking about what to do during the day.

Neely talks about ideas whereby she believes that avoiding procrastination is the best way to create pictures.

Mrs. Franci also acknowledges the effects of the pandemic.

She believes that Covid-19 has educated the world on carrying on with various activities through the internet. What has enabled Neely to be unreactive to minor issues is maturity.

She believes that she can be more proactive at her advanced age by participating in humanitarian acts.

Franci thinks that the best way to be a philanthropist is to make significant contributions.

It means that only a few organizations will benefit from one individual.

She also talks about her expenditure.

Neely says that given $100, she will keep the amount until such a time whereby somebody will do something substantial to her and therefore reward the person with the said amount.

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